At Yet, we believe in the power of change through action. We offer a unique approach with experts in mental well-being, personal development and dealing with difficult situations both at work and at home.

Meet Team Yet

Yet is a collective of psychologists, career and leadership coaches, work-life coaches, life counselors, and confidants, pioneering the Single Session Therapy method in the Netherlands. Together, we ensure that clients receive timely, appropriate, and expert assistance.

We place the client’s needs, wishes, and possibilities at the forefront, focusing on empowering their own solutions. This begins with giving clients the autonomy to decide when to seek help and who to consult. Our team stands ready with the knowledge and experience to support you every step of the way.


The Origin of Yet

Yet was created with the desire to provide everyone with access to reliable, appropriate support exactly when it’s needed. The platform was developed by Koen Barbiers, Director of Digital Innovation, and Helen van Empel, psychologist and founder of its predecessor, One Session.

The result is a user-friendly platform offering always-available, evidence-based, tailored support. Following a successful launch, Koen continues to be involved with Yet while working on new projects. From 2024 onward, Helen van Empel leads Yet, guiding its mission to deliver exceptional care.


At Yet, we dream of a society where everyone has the power to overcome difficult moments and thrive. We want to create a world where it is normal to actively work on your mental health. Our vision is based on the idea that personal development is an ongoing process, and we aim to facilitate that process by offering reliable, low-threshold support with our Single Session Therapy (SST) method. One step at a time, one session at a time.

Single Session Therapy

With our proven Single Session Therapy (SST) method, we aim to provide insight during a single enlightening session, enabling you to take control and empower yourself. Yet is accessible, anonymous and has no waiting times, making the first step towards change as easy as possible. We are motivated by the idea that one conversation can make a world of difference and that we can have a significant positive impact on someone’s life. One conversation can change your mind.

We are not alone

We are part of Zorg van de Zaak, the powerhouse in occupational health for working people in the Netherlands. Helping everyone to feel stronger at work. We work together towards one common goal:

A country where people are not just happy, but can also flourish, both at work and beyond. With a grip on their health, work and life.

Join us

Would you like to join our team, work with us or become one of our experts? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are always open to a good conversation.