Yet provides one-on-one sessions with experienced experts to gain control over obstacles and challenges in work or personal life. Transform doubts, concerns, and stress into change. A single meaningful conversation with an expert can make a world of difference.

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Everyone faces challenges, which aren't always easy to overcome. Whether dealing with stress, work or home-related issues, or simply needing extra support to achieve your goals, one meaningful conversation can make a difference. Despite doubts or stress, these moments offer opportunities for self-discovery, both personally and professionally.

It's okay if you don't always navigate through them alone.

Yet is an online platform with experts in mental well-being, personal development, and situations both in the workplace and at home. Yet hosts various types of experts, including psychologists, career coaches, relationship experts, work-life coaches, and life counselors—all in one place. You schedule an online session with the expert of your choice yourself—anonymous and without wait times. Yet is accessible, allowing you to seek help promptly and prevent a situation from becoming overwhelming.

Yet employs a unique approach. Yet's experts utilize the proven Single Session Therapy (SST) method. It sounds more complicated than it is. Simply put, it means that with one enlightening, focused session, Yet provides insight for the next step toward growth and development. Have questions, doubts, or concerns? Engage with Yet and schedule your online conversation.

In summary

  • One easy-to-schedule session
  • It only takes one hour of your time
  • One-on-one with a suitable expert who understands you
  • Fully anonymous, we don't share anything with others
  • Free of charge with 400+ employers

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400+ employers have already joined us. Because you matter!

One conversation can change your mind

Four out of five discovered the first step towards growth and change in just one session.

"It made a big difference. The session helped shift from negative thoughts to positive ones."

"It was incredibly beneficial to talk about it with someone outside my family or friends."

"I gained a different perspective on my situation and how to deal with it."

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