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Discover new perspectives with a lifecounselor. Whether you're facing major life events or seeking deeper understanding, our lifecounselors help you explore what truly matters and find clarity.


of employees say they struggle to maintain a good work-life balance.

Bron: TNO, 2020


of workers report experiencing job-requirement related work stress.

Bron: Arbobalans, 2020


van de werknemers geeft aan regelmatig te piekeren over werk buiten werktijd.

Bron: TNO, 2020

Experiencing Stress, Anxiety, or Sadness?

At Yet, we understand that life’s questions often underlie mental or physical distress. In times when traditional support systems may have faded for many, it can feel like there’s nowhere to turn with your worries and sorrow. When you feel stuck and unsure of who to turn to, it’s important to know that help is available.

Life Questions

Questions about the meaning of life often arise during difficult times and are rarely easy to answer. Whether it’s due to experiences like loss or starting a new job, existential uncertainties, or moral dilemmas, our life counselors help you explore these complex questions.


What Can You Expect?

During a session, we help you organize your thoughts and view your situation from different perspectives. By consciously reflecting on what truly matters to you, you can discover new paths and find the strength and courage to move forward. Our counselors provide an opportunity to reflect, gain new insights, and take practical steps.

At Yet, we use the proven Single Session Therapy (SST) Method. This means we offer you clarity and direction in one insightful, focused session, helping you take the next step towards growth and development.

Our life counselors are ready to support you with personal and existential issues. Whether you’re struggling with feelings of emptiness, lack of motivation, confusion, or restlessness, we help you understand and cope with these emotions. Below, life counselor Yvonne introduces herself.

Yvonne Lammertink

Life Counselor

“You can’t control the wind, but you can adjust your sails.”

I studied Humanistics and then started my own business as a life counselor and trainer/speaker on topics such as moral stress and resilience. I work with a diverse range of people, including young professionals. Various life phases, unfulfilled desires, and significant events often prompt these conversations. Common themes among my clients include loneliness, the thirties dilemma, existential questions, doubt or decision-making, moral stress, and identity.

“I get to the heart of the matter quickly.”

I listen without judgment but am not a yes-man. I ask probing questions to bring more clarity to your pain points. Together, we search for a new perspective. I sometimes use metaphors and occasionally incorporate philosophical elements to help clients view their situations differently. Often, I serve as a mirror—this can be confronting, but I ensure not to reveal more than you can handle.

Meeting the Needs of the Moment

Supporting people when they need it most is important to me. Because I don’t know my clients beforehand, I need to tune in closely to each individual. This allows me to engage openly and meet their needs at that moment. I enjoy the challenge of providing truly customized support, and so far, it has yielded positive results.

Do you need a valuable, confidential conversation? We are here for you, and you can get support quickly.

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