Yet is looking for enthusiastic professionals who also believe that ‘mental workplace health care’ can be improved. We use the validated Single Session Therapy (SST) method to help employees move forward in just one conversation.

Apply now for our vacancies if you are a native-speaking professional in languages such as German, Berber, Polish, Turkish, French, and Spanish.

For Dutch and English speakers, we have received so many excellent and enthusiastic applications in a short time that we are currently more than fully staffed. Don’t forget about us—we will remove this notice once we have openings again!

A Yetter in-the-making

We’ll be honest—we’re picky. There are many platforms where you can join as an expert, coach, or psychologist if you meet the criteria. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s not what we do.

We seek experts who not only have the necessary background in education, experience, and skills to help someone move forward in a single session without preparation, but also the discernment to keep that background in the background and simply have a good conversation.

If you view your conversation partner only through the lens of models and theories, you can’t have a genuine conversation. Knowledge and tools are there to assist, to present to the other, and just as easily to set aside if they don’t fit or resonate.

Our focus is primarily on the skills, experiences, and talents of the other person and how these can be utilized and strengthened in the current situation.

Do you want to broaden your horizons and work with our new Single Session Therapy (SST) method alongside your current job? Use your expertise to help people move forward after just one session? Then we are looking for you.

Working at Yet can be easily combined with other work. In fact, we believe that combining it with other roles (such as longer therapy trajectories or corporate training) creates a great mix. It is important, however, that you are available for at least 8 to 10 hours a week on average to fully grasp our way of working.

Single Session Therapy MethodSingle Session Therapy Method

Important to Know…

Administration and Registration

We operate outside of insured care. This is necessary because SST consists of just one session ‘at the point of need.’ This means no diagnosis is made, which unfortunately means the single-session approach is not yet financially accessible to everyone. Accessibility is improved when organizations offer SST coaching sessions to their employees. The benefit for the client is quick availability without referral and intake.

We don’t keep files or exchange letters with GPs and other organizations. Essentially, administrative tasks involve keeping the schedule and briefly filling out an anonymous evaluation form after the session. This means minimal administration and registration, allowing you to focus entirely on the conversation itself.

We have established a code of conduct that applies to all Yet professionals, which you will endorse as a professional when we enter into collaboration.

Code Professionals YetCode Professionals Yet

Application Process

Are you excited about the Single Session Therapy Method after reading the above and eager to join our collective? Below, you will find the vacancies with a link to an online application form.

If we believe there's a good match based on your written application, we’ll schedule an initial video call. During this call, we’ll exchange information and see if there indeed seems to be a good fit. The next step is an introduction to the SST method to determine if it suits you.

You’ll conduct two ‘trial sessions’ with fellow professionals who are also in talks about potential collaboration. Before these sessions, we’ll send you a brief introduction to the method. You’ll then participate in two sessions—one as the client and one as the professional. This approach allows you to experience not only what it’s like to conduct an SST session as a professional but also what it’s like to be the client (which I personally find to be some of the most valuable insight into a method).

The setup is similar to regular sessions and will be conducted via video call. As the client, you’ll discuss something you’re genuinely dealing with. It doesn’t have to be a major issue, but it should be something real (no role-playing). This way, you can truly experience the process from both perspectives and gain personal benefit as well.

Unlike normal sessions, these trial sessions last 20 minutes instead of an hour. You’ll record the session so we can review it later. While recording a session can be annoying, it’s hopefully manageable over Zoom, allowing you to forget about the camera quickly. Reviewing the session together provides valuable learning opportunities.

We’ll respond to your session via email, letting you know if we see a match and why.

If we find a match and you do too, we’ll contact you to discuss and finalize the collaboration.


  • Have at least 5 years of experience as a professional in various settings (not just in a solo practice).
  • Share our enthusiasm for the Single Session Therapy (SST) method.
  • Manage your own availability online and schedule your own times.
  • Are available for at least 8 to 10 hours per week (including evenings and weekends).
  • Love your profession and enjoy contributing ideas to improve our services.
  • Meet the specific qualifications for the various roles.

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