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Your job should align with your ambitions and competencies. This expert helps you discover more job satisfaction and supports your personal development.


of employees indicate they struggle to balance work and personal life.

Bron: TNO, 2020


of employees experience high job demands, which can contribute to work-related stress.

Bron: Arbobalans, 2020


van de werknemers geeft aan regelmatig te piekeren over werk buiten werktijd.

Bron: TNO, 2020

Need Career Coaching?

Feeling unsettled in your current role? Experiencing stress because you’re unsure about your next step? Or just want to explore your options? The Yet career coach is here to help you gain clarity on where you stand and where you want to go. Together, we’ll find the right path to work that truly suits you, so you can go to work with energy and come home with satisfaction.

Foster Growth!

Being proactive in your career is crucial. People often wait too long to seek help, thinking their problems aren’t big enough or that they will go away on their own. But if you keep going without addressing your doubts and dissatisfaction, you might burn out or think that switching jobs is the only solution. Sometimes it is, but often you can make significant changes within your current job. Early intervention can prevent problems from escalating and promote growth for both the individual and the organization.

Where Do You Want to Go?

A conversation with a career coach isn’t a last resort for those in crisis, but a chance to step back, chart your course, and make adjustments. It allows you to gain more fulfillment and joy from your work. Even if you’re not stuck, it’s valuable to occasionally take time to reflect with someone. Where are you now? Where do you want to be in a few years? What do you want to develop? It only takes an hour, but you can gain so much from it. Not a long-term commitment, but one focused conversation to get you back on track.

Below, one of our career coaches, Annelies, introduces herself.

Annelies Meester

Career Coach – Worklife Coach

“Work is such a significant and important part of your life, it’s a shame to leave it to chance.”

Annelies once worked as a technical buyer in the tough corporate world, but after a career training session, she found her calling as a career coach. With this unique combination, she helps people in a profound yet practical way in their careers. She combines theoretical knowledge with strong intuition to provide her clients with what they need.

“A career conversation is like a kind of check-up for your career,” Annelies explains. “It gives you the chance to see where you stand and what possibilities lie ahead. It’s not just about today, but also about your future. Do you see yourself doing this in several years, or do you want something different?”

Discover New Possibilities

She recalls a client who felt overwhelmed by her job. Annelies helped her see that the negative aspects of her job were actually just a small part of her overall experience. “She wanted to leave her job, but when she better understood the situation, she realized there were many positive aspects. The energy drain had become so large that she couldn’t see the positive side anymore. With a little help, she was able to see the opportunities instead of just the obstacles.”

Annelies emphasizes that a career conversation doesn’t necessarily mean you have to apply for a new job or change your career. It’s just as valuable for people who want to understand how to be more effective in their current role or how to plan for the future.

She also stresses that you don’t need to wait until things are going badly to seek professional help. “Work is such a significant and important part of your life, it’s a shame to leave it to chance. Early intervention can prevent escalation and promote growth, which is beneficial for both the individual and the organization.”

Keep an Eye on Your Path

In her ‘Single Session’ approach, Annelies asks her clients: “What can I do for you today?” She says people greatly appreciate this question because it helps them focus on the current situation and what they need right now. “It’s very rewarding work because they gain tools and can move forward again. I believe a career conversation is beneficial for everyone,” she says. “You want to keep an eye on your path. See if your work still suits you in the long run.”

Do you want to discuss your career? Give yourself that hour and determine your best course.

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