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The worklife coach

Events at work or at home can throw you off balance. This expert can offer practical advice to help you restore the balance in your life.


a majority of employees indicate they struggle to balance work and personal life.

Bron: TNO, 2020


employees experience high job demands, which can contribute to work-related stress.

Bron: Arbobalans, 2020


van de werknemers geeft aan regelmatig te piekeren over werk buiten werktijd.

Bron: TNO, 2020

Challenges Are Part of Life

Finding the right balance in your life can be challenging. Work, home, health, caring for those around you—these factors all play a role. At Yet, we understand how difficult it can be to find or restore that balance. Our work-life coaches are here to help you feel better, both at work and in your personal life.

From Work Pressure to Financial Issues

We understand the pressure that work and everything around it can create, and we have the experience and knowledge to offer practical solutions. Whether you’re dealing with high work pressure and stress, problems with colleagues or supervisors, or conflicts over job content or working methods, our coaches can help. You might be dissatisfied with your working conditions, facing uncertainty due to a reorganization, or dealing with financial concerns that impact your work.

Your Own Solutions

With involvement, respect, and openness, the work-life coach helps you to organize and clarify your problems. The focused, stand-alone conversation gives you the opportunity to spend an hour sparring with an experienced coach to regain control of the situation. The goal isn’t to solve all problems in one session, but to help you find your own solutions. Below, two of our work-life coaches introduce themselves.

Simone de Winter

Work-life Coach, Career Coach

Practical, results-oriented, and no-nonsense.

I aim to encourage you to take good care of yourself, make decisions, and face challenges head-on. I think along with you and like to provoke you to take action in a way that suits you!

Choices and responsibility

I’m a psychologist by training, and after starting in research and HR, I moved into coaching. For over 25 years, I’ve been coaching in personal development, career, stress, and burnout. I want you to experience that you have choices in every situation and that you are responsible for steering your own course, no matter how difficult or seemingly hopeless the situation may be.

One focused conversation

This is a very accessible way to connect and not stay stuck with doubts, dilemmas, or stress for too long. The focus of that one hour sharpens both of us. My experience is that it gives just the right push to help you move forward on your own. It’s so rewarding to see, and it aligns perfectly with what I believe in and am passionate about.

Willeke Ruiten

Work-life Coach, Career Coach

I help you sharpen your focus.

With the right (career) insights, you regain control over your life and work. My goal is to ensure that your career and life don’t just happen to you but are the result of conscious, deliberate choices. There should be a plan, a direction you’re working towards. This doesn’t have to be reaching the top but finding what ultimately brings you fulfillment, where your personal growth lies, and what makes you happy.

Genuinely curious about what drives and hinders people.

I have a long career behind me in financial services as a manager and advisor, where I discovered my passion for working with people. I’m genuinely curious about what drives and hinders them. Once in my role as a communications manager and now as a career coach.

Originally trained as a lawyer, I quickly shifted to a more commercial direction. I completed all marketing-related studies and am proud to call myself a Master of Marketing, in addition to being a Master of Law. I know the corporate environment and dynamics very well. Career development, team dynamics, leadership, reorganizations, and work-life balance are all familiar issues to me. My own experiences allow me to empathize deeply with these challenges.

A critical look in the mirror

The path to your professional success begins with a critical look in the mirror. What you see there—your strengths and personal values—are the foundations you need to build upon. An internal compass that helps you stay on course and maintain control in life and work. I offer you a space to discover this, to reflect, and to untangle whatever is holding you back. To trust yourself more, or once again. I drive you to action by turning your insights into steps you can take starting tomorrow.

With just one hour available, you quickly get to the essence of your question. No, the answer may not be immediately clear, but you will know where and how to find it.

Do you want to be guided towards your personal answer? We’re here for you!

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