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Obstacles, challenges or struggling? This expert will listen, ask poignant questions and offer the right advice to help you move forward.


a majority of employees indicate they struggle to balance work and personal life.

Bron: TNO, 2020


employees experience high job demands, which can contribute to work-related stress.

Bron: Arbobalans, 2020


van de werknemers geeft aan regelmatig te piekeren over werk buiten werktijd.

Bron: TNO, 2020

Insight, Confidence, Relief

Struggling with something and want to talk it through with an experienced psychologist to regain control and move forward?

Whether you’re stuck at work, battling stress, dealing with colleague issues, or just need some extra help to achieve your ambitions, one good conversation can make all the difference. Gain more insight, a fresh perspective, an idea for the next step, and increased confidence in your own abilities.

Concrete Questions or Vague Concerns

You might have a specific question or situation, like a conflict at home or work, or an important decision you need to discuss. Or it could be something less clear, like a lack of energy, procrastination, aimlessness, or doubt. Emotions such as anxiety, sadness, guilt, shame, or anger are also common. With our experience and training, we quickly identify the core issue, dive deep if necessary, and ensure the focus remains on what you can concretely do to move forward.

Prevent Escalation, Strengthen Resilience

The focus of Single Session Therapy (SST) is on what’s happening right now and what you have and need to continue independently after the session. This approach can help prevent problems from escalating while enhancing autonomy and resilience. The goal isn’t to solve all problems in one session but to set you on the right path.

The session is for you, to clarify what’s happening and guide you towards a solution. This can be personal or professional, as both affect your well-being and performance. The sooner you make adjustments, the better.

Below, one of our psychologists, Ilonka, introduces herself.

Ilonka Hanneman

Psychologist, Leadership Coach

“I’m always amazed at what can be achieved in just one conversation.”

As a native of Rotterdam, I’m straightforward and direct, with a good dose of empathy. “I like to point out people’s own influence in a situation, so they don’t feel like everything just happens to them.”

“After studying Clinical Psychology, I ended up in the corporate world as a trainer and coach. It was fantastic, but after a while, I missed treating people. Now, I do both—a perfect combination. I have about twenty years of clinical experience, gained in various fields.”

People come to us when they worry a lot, feel stuck at work, want to change certain behaviors, or face challenges with parenting or caregiving.

I’m a mother of four sons—something people often find surprising, but I enjoy it immensely. I lead a busy life combining my work and family, but I make time for walks with my white shepherd, Saartje. I find peace in nature.

Combination of Directness and Empathy

I’m clear and to the point. When I speak with someone, I usually quickly understand what they need. Sometimes, people feel like everything happens to them, and they have little control over their lives. I try to show them their own behavior and the things they can influence. It’s not always pleasant to hear, but I always do it with respect. Clients often tell me they appreciate this mix of directness and empathy.

Different angle

I often compare my work to finding the end of a roll of tape. It can be frustrating when you can’t find it. As a professional, I see it as my job to say, “Try turning the roll around, look at it from a different angle, and see what happens.”

“I’m always amazed at what can be achieved in just one conversation. It’s wonderful to see the moment someone realizes, ‘This is what I’ve been doing, that’s why it keeps going wrong.’ And then they can do something about it. They realize, ‘Now I’m worrying again, and I’m not going to do that.'”

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