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Confidential adviser

You want to feel safe at work. This expert is a first point of contact for questions about transgressive behaviour.


a majority of employees indicate they struggle to balance work and personal life.

Bron: TNO, 2020


employees experience high job demands, which can contribute to work-related stress.

Bron: Arbobalans, 2020


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Bron: TNO, 2020

Uncomfortable Situation at Work?

Whether it’s outbursts from your boss, inappropriate comments from a customer, or unwanted jokes from a colleague, you’re not alone. A confidant is here to listen, support, and help you navigate these challenges. The confidants at Yet are registered with the National Association of Confidential Advisors (LVV) and work according to the Single Session Method.

A Listening Ear and Clarity, When You Need It

You can book a fully confidential online session at a time that suits you, giving you control. Whether you’re dealing with a one-time issue or ongoing stress, talking about it can bring calm, insight, and new perspectives. You don’t need to wait until the situation escalates. The sooner you share your story, the sooner we can work together to find a solution.

Am I Overreacting?

If you’re doubting your feelings—wondering if you’re overreacting or imagining things—a confidant can provide the listening ear and clarity you need. It’s okay to seek help if you’re unsure whether your concerns are valid.

A confidant offers a safe space to discuss your feelings and options. You can schedule an appointment whenever you need, 100% confidential.

Don’t let doubts or fears hold you back. A conversation with a confidant can make all the difference, bringing clarity and support exactly when you need it. Below, one of our confidants, Kristy van der Heijden, introduces herself.

Kristy van der Heijden

Confidential advisor

 “I admire people who have the courage to take that first step.”

Confidential advisor Kristy is a sensitive and open-minded listener. She believes it’s essential for people to feel truly seen. According to Kristy, you don’t need to wait until your problems reach a crisis point before seeking help. She encourages early action, understanding that it often isn’t easy or obvious to speak up. Kristy says, “I admire people who have the courage to take that first step.” The key to a socially safe and productive workplace, in her view, is openness, trust, and equality.


Kristy believes that hierarchy can fuel unwanted behavior, and she strongly advocates for the power of equality. She recalls her internship at an organization working with people with psychological vulnerabilities, where the atmosphere of mutual respect and equality was palpable. There, she learned the importance of treating everyone as equals, regardless of their role. This belief continues to guide her in her current work.

Early Intervention

Kristy knows from personal experience how impactful it can be to feel unsafe at work and how valuable it is to discuss this in confidence. This drives her dedication to supporting others. Kristy says, “The best solutions are often found in an informal setting. The earlier someone dares to speak up, the greater the chance of finding a resolution together.” Sometimes, a single conversation at the right moment can make a world of difference.

Kristy creates a safe space where everything can be discussed, inviting people to speak freely. She listens without judgment to what is said and unsaid. She explains, “By giving words to what I see, hear, and feel during a session, I can lovingly hold up a mirror to the other person. I often hear that I bring calm to the conversation, which allows the other person to organize their thoughts and view the situation from different perspectives. This provides peace and clarity.”

Preventing Escalation

She uses the Single Session method, which focuses on quick and effective support. The essence of this method is to help people discover their solutions by listening and asking questions, not by giving advice. It’s about making small steps that can lead to significant changes. The goal is to provide early help to prevent problems from escalating.

Kristy concludes, “In my career, I’ve seen firsthand the painful consequences when people have to wait too long for adequate help. Having someone available quickly, even within 24 or 48 hours, is incredibly preventive and can prevent a lot of trouble.”

With the support of people like Kristy, the workplace can become a place where everyone feels heard, respected, and safe. Her work highlights the importance of early intervention and creating an open, equal organization where everyone can contribute their best.

Do you need a confidential conversation? We’re here for you, and you can quickly get the support you need.

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